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So, the answer comes down to 8775 money 8776 vs. 8775 value. 8776 Financial values don 8767 t move from one asset to another. They can just disappear.

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Which brings us to the larger issue at hand: Walmart 8767 s struggle to convert 8775 always low prices 8776 into always higher profits goes hand in hand with the underlying trend in the . economy: that of deflation.

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You see, he never really had a million dollars all he had was IOUs or stock certificates. The idea that it had a certain financial value was in his head and the heads of others who agreed. When the point of agreement changed, so did the value. Poof! Gone in a flash of aggregated neurons.

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Never were those words felt more acutely for those on the Walmart payroll than right now. Reason being: Over the last year, the eponymous Walmart 8775 customer 8776 has, indeed, taken his business elsewhere, fueling a series of epic setbacks for the retail giant:

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. stocks, Chinese stocks, gold, oil, the entire European Union all are at pivotal junctures right now, and we 8767 re only two months into the new year.

We 8767 ve seen it time and again: The investment crowd often hops aboard a financial trend just as it 8767 s about to end.

This perceived value stored in stocks is a reason of deflation. Once the valuations shrink, people who used to think they have money suddenly realize they do not have the money. They stop spending, start saving. Companies who could pay in stocks can no longer do so, and that strains their budgets, shrinks employee benefits, income. Companies who could borrow easily showing stocks as collateral can no longer do so. This is why the FED likes to create asset bubbles in housing and stocks to have the wealth effect. The problem is bubbles tend to pop, and the next pop may be due now.

8775 as shown in this issue, time and price factors call for an immediate end to this dream state. When the alarm goes off and the dreamers awake, it will be pandemonium in the stock market. As the next few charts show, time and price have run out of room. Together, these time and price events seem finally to have cleared the way for a stunning decline in US stock prices. 8776

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