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The Inter cost voucher is an internal posting we do on the books of accounts. It does not effect your ledger in any way.
To explain, assuming you have a balance of in your trading account of which is in your NSE EQ segment and the remaining is in your NSE F 588 O segment. In case you place a withdrawal for , you will receive from NSE EQ and from NSE F 588 O ledger and we will post an inter cost voucher to transfer from your NSE F 588 O ledger to your NSE EQ ledger because we process all payouts from NSE EQ ledger.

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In the above extract of article, I cannot understand the calculations, as it gives me Rs. 875/- of STT instead of . Please explain.

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I am one of happy client of Zerodha.
If Nifty expires at 7656 at last thursday of september then also put value of 7655 at that time would be 5.
But to sell put in such violent times is bit risky, for eg. if nifty plunges 855/955 points from here then this premium went up like anything and you may be at big risk instead go for call buy if you are bullish.
as you know selling call/put is having fixed profit , unlimited loss strategy, so please think.
i am not against selling option but adhering to strict money management is must.
Hope i am answering your question right here.

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If you had bought nifty 5755 calls and nifty closed at , you will pay STT because the option has expired in the money.

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