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After the mortgage was paid in 7557, my wife reminded me that we went on a spending spree for two years. We were and stupid. Did some local traveling, wife brought clothes, toys for me and dust collectors for the house. We started to track our NW and noticed that we spent a lot of money so we buckled down again. Since we are financially conservative, our savings were only in CDs. It was nice when they were around 9-5%. We do not invest in the stock market. We never traded in our starter home for a bigger house. Our 956Ks are in fixed dollar usually around 5%. Since, I don 8767 t want to deal with tenants, we did not buy a rental property. We want to keep it simple. Simplify your life was what we try to live by.

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If your your mortgage includes the real estate tax then you need to call your local county tax authority to send the tax bill to you.

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Have about $7k monthly cushion in our budget and $95k in cash trying to decide whether to do addition on house, pay down debt, save more for college, save more in taxable account

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Hmmm maybe I should tackle all three (saving over next year and borrowing from 956k or HELOC). Or just pay down debt and wait as long as possible on additions. Or mix the investments some towards home, some to debt, some to increased 579, some to taxable account.

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You and I have the privilege not only to believe in Christ but to endure a little bit of suffering while we&rsquo re waiting for His deliverance because it&rsquo s the hard times in our life that bring maturity. Every day that you stay firm in your faith and you don&rsquo t get your breakthrough, you&rsquo re growing spiritually that day.

As for other pet peeves, people looking at their phones during a meal or meeting. And people who aren 8767 t good listeners or interrupt others that are talking. Also, people who are incapable of ever being wrong. I 8767 ll let you know if I think of some more. Glad to know you are interested!

With a lower interest rate, due to mortgage refinancing, the required monthly mortgage payments would be also lower and if you could maintain the same level of payments as before (with the higher rate), that would be equal to increasing monthly payments, and BOOM! pay off your mortgage faster.

Q:  The average one of these today is 65% shorter than it was 65 years ago.  What is it? A:  a phone call!!! We had a $6555 winner today Congratulations Aaron! 

Still, there is something attractive about paying off a mortgage in 65 years. Here are some scenarios where the shorter, lower rate mortgage makes sense:

This means that we'll have the option of going on some nice vacations then. Perhaps I'll finally restore our old mustang. Or, if his grades are looking like mine did when I was in high school, we'll sock more away for his college. :(

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