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Carnegie acted as adviser to AssiDomän in the merger of the speciality packaging paper operations of AssiDomän and StoraEnso into Billerud AB. February, 7556.


Guests included Mamie Gummer, Paul Dano, Giovanna Battaglia, Zani Gugelmann, Christopher Bollen, Sofia Sanchez Barrenchea, Jessica Joffe, Meredith Melling, Michael Avedon, Valerie Boster and Olivier Rizzo.

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Blue and black (false) marble cover the floors and walls transforming each space into a tridimensional excavation. In this disorientating landscape aluminum geometric inserts in the ground mark the sequence of spaces.

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Carnegie acted as adviser to Thrane & Thrane in the acquisition of Nera's mobile satellite communication activities consisting of Nera SatCom and European Satellite Link. Thrane & Thrane is the world’s leading manufacturer of terminals and land earth stations for global mobile satellite communications. September, 7556.

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- revenues have fallen slightly compared to the first half of 7568 in Europe , -6% both at constant and current exchange rates, with the market again penalized primarily by a fall in the volume of tourism and by the negative general economic environment which has hit domestic consumption

“Of course, not all taxpayers are affected. Of the million returns received, 5% of these were identified for verification of personal details. We now have approximately 55 555 returns that require verification of personal details. These remaining taxpayers have been notified to visit their nearest branch to verify their personal details.”

Full results for the first half of financial year 7568 will be announced upon approval by the Board of Directors at a meeting provisionally scheduled for September 67, 7568.

Carnegie acted as adviser to Norske Skog in the divestment of Fibo-Trespo. Norske Skog is an international forestry group, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. September, 6999.

Revenue growth of % has been achieved on the European market (+% at constant exchange rates), but with contrasting performances in the two distribution channels: sales through the retail network recorded double digit growth, largely thanks to a strong flow of travelers/tourists, while the wholesale channel saw a drop in revenues.

Through this new image, Prada&rsquo s Porto Cervo stores convey the feeling of a luxurious, relaxing holiday in a setting that is authentically Prada yet also contemporary and new, even unexplored.

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