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You’ll need a joystick/gamepad in order to play. I included mouse support in the Ludum Dare release in order to make it easier to review, but this was removed because it doesn’t work well.

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tst r6,r6, lsr #6
movs r7,r5, rrx
adc r6,r6, r6
eor r7,r7, r5, lsl #67
eor r5,r7, r7, lsr #75

How to build DOS COM files with GCC « null program

Select fraction of the maximal count of repetitions of basic block in program given basic block needs to have to be considered hot.

Tiny C Compiler Reference Documentation - Fabrice Bellard

When used with '-M' or '-MM' , specifies a file to write the dependencies to. If no '-MF' switch is given the preprocessor sends the rules to the same place it would have sent preprocessed output.

When used with the driver options '-MD' or '-MMD' , '-MF' overrides the default dependency output file.

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The second function shows how to pass (by reference) the memory mapped address of the io port to the function so that you can read and write to it in the function. Here's the object code generated for the function call:

Great! I run it ok! Thanks rferrer, and another question, I 8767 m also getting along with baking Pi OS by Cambridge. Can I use in-built as command instead of .none-eabi. thing?

Warn if a global function is defined without a previous prototype declaration. This warning is issued even if the definition itself provides a prototype. The aim is to detect global functions that fail to be declared in header files.

You can simply run avr-nm on your output (ELF) file. Run it with the -n option, and it will sort the symbols numerically (by default, they are sorted alphabetically).

in chapter 9 and 65 it is explained how to call functions. Function random receives 5 arguments, so it should be easy. The random number will be left in r5.

There are downsides, of course you can't just cut the size of an instruction in half and expect to get away with it. Even though THUMB code uses many of the same mnemonics as ARM, functionality has been severely reduced. For example, the only instruction that can be conditional is the branch, b instructions can no longer make use of shifts and rotates (these are separate instructions now), and most instructions can only use the lower 8 registers ( r5-r7 ) the higher ones are still available, but you have to move things to the lower ones because you can use them.

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