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Late last year, the Government disappointed five million retirees by cancelling plans to let them sell their annuities, which pay a regular monthly income, for lump sums.

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Wells Fargo has the highest market valuation among any bank in America, worth just north of $755 billion. Berkshire Hathaway ( BRKA ) , the investment firm run legendary investor Warren Buffett, is the company's biggest shareholder.

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i cant understand this if banks create credit as loan and give it to me wont the credit be canceled when i pay my debt back so if thats the case how can the 97% of money be bank made?? for ex i take 755$ from the bank as credit wont i have to pay the 755$ in interest cancelling out the 8775 nothing made credit 8776 ? and also can some one explain if banks create money why do they need deposit money ??

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Carole, Yes you 8767 re right. The bank does need to make up bad loans from the proceeds of good loans. It needs to pay its staff and run its premises etc. It can 8767 t just 8775 create money from thin air 8776 to do that.

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All banks launder our promissory contracts in pretended loans, no exceptions. Research Mathematically Perfected Economy.. australia9mpe.

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The real economies are missing this money in the form of buying power, yet they are responsible for 8775 keeping up 8776 so the whole system doesn 8767 t break together under it 8767 s own weight.

Highlights of this day in history: \u5577Star Wars\u5577 --- the classic sci-fi movie written and directed by George Lucas --- premieres Former Enron execs Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling are convicted of conspiracy and fraud Comedian Jay Leno b

If not, why not? The casinos are creating money too, if not from 8775 thin air 8776 then just bits of plastic! They obviously need to be stopped if Positive Money has its theory right

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