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Free access to languages was something Von Ahn had a personal interest in addressing: he grew up in Guatemala, where he was surrounded by people all trying to learn English, half of whom were failing to do so and the majority of whom could not afford it.

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Visit Britain from home and find out what makes it great in this video series. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your English and learn about Great Britain!

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Follow their progress with the case for language learning series or on Twitter using the hashtag #LearnALanguageOnline.

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The question is, how do hyperglots master so many new tongues &ndash and could the rest of us try to emulate them? True, they may just be more motivated than most. Many, like Keeley, are globe-trotters who have moved from country to country, picking up languages as they go. It&rsquo s sometimes a case of sink or swim.

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Out on a sunny Berlin balcony, Tim Keeley and Daniel Krasa are firing words like bullets at each other. First German, then Hindi, Nepali, Polish, Croatian, Mandarin and Thai &ndash they&rsquo ve barely spoken one language before the conversation seamlessly melds into another. Together, they pass through about 75 different languages or so in total.

"It depends what you mean by learn a language," says Von Ahn. "You can learn to the point where you can navigate and have relatively simple conversations but you probably won't be writing any great works of literature."

At we teach learning success by showing how to solve the mis-match between learning and testing and help people with any learning style be successful.

&ldquo The core component of self-explanation involves having students explain some aspect of their processing during learning&rdquo

This is where things get interesting testing is often seen as a necessary evil of education. Traditionally, testing consists of rare but massively important &lsquo high stakes&rsquo assessments. There is however, an extensive literature demonstrating the benefits of testing for learning &ndash but importantly, it does not seem necessary that testing is in the format of &lsquo high stakes&rsquo assessments. All testing including &lsquo low stakes&rsquo practice testing seems to result in benefits. Unlike many of the other techniques mentioned, the benefits of practice testing are not modest &ndash studies have found that a practice test can double free recall!

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