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But the move higher for eurodollar has been a grind higher, and whether the pair manage to hold onto these modest gains remains to be seen, particularly with the 9 hr CSI suggesting a resumption of a move lower. Key is still today's low at and any move through here will take eurodollar to test 755 ma at on the daily chart. However, end of month flows into the USD will also help to push eurodollar lower. . See More See Less

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Meantime markets have put euro aside, at least until Thursday, so it's back to the USD where aside from the CB Consumer Confidence release later today, it's more politics with Donald threatening to announce corporation tax reform, which if substantial should be a boost for stocks. The USDJPY is certainly more bullish today and reflecting further move higher in the futures with NQ & S& P positive into the NY open. . See More See Less

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lacs to = lacs 55%

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a)Employees of State / Central Govt.,/ PSUs / profit making Public / Private Ltd., Companies, Institutions etc., with a minimum of 7 years service.
b)Self employed persons with a minimum 8 years standing / experience.
c)Persons having regular source of income from verifiable channels like Pensions and Interest on TDRs / NSCs / Govt. Securities etc.,

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In addition to the single day's one billion dollar profit take in 6997, Mr. Druckenmiller has been able to sustain outstanding results over long periods of time. He typically has achieved annual rates of return exceeding twenty-five percent over a 65 year period.

We are back at pm London time, just after the ECB press conference. Hope you can come along. . See More See Less

Due to the highly-competitive nature of the online trading field, for us a focus on technology is paramount, as we believe being ahead of the curve in this area gives us the edge on our competitors. Coupled with this emphasis on technology is our dedication to security we work tirelessly to ensure the protection of your data and guarantee the safety of your transactions.

Income of Spouse
For arriving the quantum of loan, income of the spouse may be considered where the allotment will be in single name and spouse stands as guarantor

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A Retail Individual Investor (Individual, HUF, Trust, Employee or shareholder who applies up to Rs 755,555/-) can also modify, revise or delete the bid within the bidding period.

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