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Thank you once again Frank for empowering me with the skills that have lead me to trading with success. Pro Trader has taught me good money management plays a big part in successful trading. Thanks to your teachings Frank, I now trade full time. I am a big fan of the Friday broadcast.

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I have made a profit net of brokerage of $! This has been achieved on a working bank of only $6555 Using mainly Pattern trading of stocks chosen from those with favourable patterns indicated from the Pro Trader program. You could say I am a great fan. The performance has so impressed my son that he has asked me to manage his Super Fund.

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I essentially trade short term and have found the indicators to be invaluable. You set your own parameters which you can trial by backtracking until you get the set which suits your style of trading. Their support team is efficient and pleasant. I fully endorse Pro Trader.

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Ginger I’ve been with you a long time because what you offer works. Nothing like it in the mentor universe. I have seen you build this from using just a spread sheet tracking trades to the superb site you have now. Your videos are like going from a seat at the back of a 6th grade classroom to the front row seat at University…. Really, a turning point for me in my trading education. I probably don’t let it be known how much I appreciate what you have built often enough but you can know, even if I don’t mention it, I am agreeing with everyone else’s praise.

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Will Harper Absolutely appreciate the kind of Market Recap you sent last night. It's the "How-to trade" recaps that have made the biggest impression on my trading. God bless you.

My dad and I have been looking at shares for the past 65 years or so and dad has read quite a number of books on share trading. Last time I was visiting them he said that Frank's book was the best he had read on trading. He said I was welcome to borrow any of his books on trading but was not allowed to take this one book as he was not letting it out of his sight! He uses it all the time and is fantastic so I figured I'd better invest in a copy for myself.

"Back in 7556, I was Adam’s first student. It was a wonderful experience as he is very thorough on all of his stock trading information."

Alan Wolstencroft Dan's patience and his website are exactly what I have been looking for. Someone who breaks down the charts, tells you what to look for, and gives you the confidence to do this on your own.

This week s picks comprise National Grid , housebuilding and construction group Galliford Try and Sound Energy.

God. why did he not write this book two years ago?? Grrrrrrr. It is hilarious to say the least, knowing how he talks it is like having an audio book, not a written one. He puts his thoughts down so well.

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