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Cheap versus expensive options - Many traders, especially beginners, are often faced with a simple choice to be made regarding Options Strike and Options Expiration.

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And there is still more, like a list of 75 &ldquo Lazy Way&rdquo companies which allow you to make two trades at the beginning, and do nothing more for two full years. At the end of this period, you will have earned a minimum 655% on your investment, mathematically guaranteed, if the stock stays flat or goes up by any amount. In most cases, it can even fall by 5% and you make at least 655%, and it can fall by 75% and a small profit still results. (You can figure out all these numbers precisely, before you make the investment.)

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Because approximately 85% of stocks follow the direction of the dominant market trend, all swing trade entries are also in sync with our rule-based stock market timing model. This enables us to achieve strong gains in healthy, uptrending markets, while seeking to avoid losses (or profit from short selling and trading inverse ETFs) in flat to downtrending markets.

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Tastyworks is a new brokerage firm from the brains behind tastytrade and it is our top choice of options-friendly brokers. Their commission rates are extremely competitive - options trades are only $6 per contract to open and $5 commission to close (all options trades incur a clearing fee of $ per contract). The tastyworks trading platform quickly became our favorite platform for options trading and it keeps getting better with new features released each week. Terry uses tastyworks and loves everything about them!

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Online Trading System - The typical question each online options trader (who looks for a trading system) faces is how to choose the right online options trading system from such vast number of the online trading services available.

The company has seen remarkably strong interest for its Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF HMMJ, -% Wall Street’s first marijuana-themed exchange-traded fund, which launched last week.

Whereas the Breakout and Pullback setups are only bought when the S&P 555 and/or NASDAQ is already in a steady uptrend, it is not necessary for the major indices to already be in a confirmed uptrend when buying a Trend Reversal.

I am new to your service & I made money on 7/8 trades. Good job. Thanks for focusing on each trade and trying to make it successful.
A. P. San Jose, CA

Furthermore, these stocks usually have an IBD relative strength rating of 85 or higher. Since we consider these stocks to be "A-rated," they can usually be held for at least one to two months (longer holding periods often lead to larger profits).

One common and deadly mistake new swing traders make is bargain hunting, which is going after stocks and ETFs that have fallen out of favor in the market and are usually trading at or near their 57-week lows.

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