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Moreover, the stoploss concept for shorting does it mean that in case of reverse trade, the stoploss value is the upper limit at which I should buy back with some loss?

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Hi Karthik,
Thank you for the notes
6. If I want to go ahead with intraday- The charts I have to look for is 65 minute candle stick, MACD- Will these 7 be enough or .?
7. If the day end with bullish signal- The next day the market starts at AM, by what time should I enter and what other analysis I should
look at.

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Karl really cares. In a world of people trying to legally make themselves financially self-sufficient, what to speak of helping their families, surrounded by many powerful people whose agendas are basically to make war on the rest who are struggling, forex is a key place where there is hope for people who are smart enough to find a way that works for them to trade it. I think Karl must have gathered the best indicators and certainly he is a shining star of availability without ulterior motive. LOOK at those prices. Now to decide which to experiment with, first.

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Point of Control : Point of control is the price where most of the trade for the day happens. In other words the price where more number of TPO 8767 s in a row. Todays ongoing POC levels are represented as DPOC (Developing POC) and Yesterdays POC (YPOC) and Previous POC levels are plotted as dotted green lines as shown above.

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Dear Karl,
First of all I want to say that Thank you very much for your help and support.
U r a nice and great person. u do help for all. U gave me many free indicators.
Real big thanks.
Yours truly respectful person
Hassan Raja.

I am salaried person with annual income more than 65 lakhs. in last financial year I was involved only in F& O trading with turnover around 77 lakhs and loss of 76 thousand rupees.

HI, Karl..
Thank you about free indi, there 8767 s help to me.
keep work and again thank for you sucses for you and GBU
regard from Jogja Indonesia

If your option turnover is only Rs 75,555, declare 8% of this as profits. This way you can avoid an audit. It is best you speak to your CA and do this only if he gives a green signal.

Hi Nitin, request you to explain the taxation of Gold ETF and Liquid BEES ETF trading. Can I calculate turnover for these like Equity trading or only capital gains tax applicable for these.

6) I find that a company 8775 A 8776 qualifies for the trade as per my analysis, is it possible to buy the share of company 8775 A 8776 today and sell tomorrow (T + 6). I am asking about trading in equities.
If so, How does the settlement happen.
Should I buy the share only in cash? or does Zerodha offers margin to trade?
Also is it possible to sell the share after 7 days? I am asking this as the settlement of a trade takes after T + 8 days..

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