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If you are going to buy British insignia, it makes sound sense to invest in some reference books - otherwise you could waste a lot of time, effort and money. The main ones we use are listed on our Recommended Reference Books page. We sell a limited number of reference books via our online catalogue.

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I have put this guide together as a service to traditional musicians, radio announcers and anyone else who is interested in traditional Irish music, and would like to be able to pronounce tune titles, people's names and the like in Irish, but is not familiar with the language or the spelling system.

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This is the trickiest part of Irish pronunciation, when two vowels come together. The reason it's tricky is that sometimes one of the vowels is favoured in pronunciation, and the other is just a glide vowel. You remember that a glide vowel simply changes the quality from broad to slender.

Beginner's Guide to Irish Gaelic Pronunciation

Caravanning is a simple pastime but the days of a gas cylinder and a water container and off you went is now a thing of the past, we take a simple guide to getting set up. Caravanning isn’t an art, it’s something which you learn about and how well you learn connects to how much you enjoy your hobby. Basic commonsense is the name of the game, don’t caravan in a strict regime but make the checks, and once you have been out with your tourer it will become second nature. Practice at the storage site or on your drive until you feel confident on site. We hope you find this simple write up of use as you take up one of the most popular forms of leisure in Europe.

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You have to admit, though, that the possibility to cash in is awesome. With this in mind, you must be familiar with ways on how to start a pig farm.

If you would like to see a different perspective on the subject you can check out another Irish pronunciation guide. This is on the Focal an Lae site which has a lot of interesting linguistic information available.

On modern combat uniforms , formation signs tend only to be worn on one arm, but it could be either arm, based on tradition.

A/A badges are so shiny that soldiers sometimes paint their beret badges black as a method of camouflage. Black-painted badges are only worn on field exercises or operations - not in barracks.

We use British-English spelling, except when describing American badges. If your electronic search is to be successful, you will need to use exactly the same spellings as we do. A few common differences are -

The over-lock stitched binding sometimes found around the edge of a cloth badge (especially woven badges) to prevent the badge fraying.

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