Metatrader 4 symbols worksheet

qurl = 8775 http:///finance/getprices? 8776 & _
8775 i= 8776 & interval & _
8775 & p= 8776 & numPastTradingDays & 8775 d 8776 & _
8775 & f=d,o,h,l,c,v& df=cpct 8776 & _
8775 & q= 8776 & UCase(ticker)

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On a particular date, if we need exchange rate for these many currencies. Can it be possible through adjustment in above coding.

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Intraday historical stock data is harder to find you usually have to pay to find accurate data with no omissions. However, Google Finance offers an API that lets you download intraday backfill data in a CSV file.

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I think I got the answer and it seems google doesn 8767 t allow more than 65 days of data! Appreciate your effort with this great worksheet. Can you suggest how I can get data for past 7 years.

I am interested in working this code into an existing workbook I have made. This looks like an awesome tool and will do most of what I need it to do. How can I go about getting that password for the VBA code though so I can validate a few things?

qurl = 8775 http:///finance/getprices? 8776 & _
8775 q= 8776 & ticker & _
8775 & i= 8776 & interval & _
8775 & p= 8776 & numPastTradingDays & 8775 d 8776 & _
8775 & f=d,o,h,l,c,v 8776

Thank you for this very useful program.
One thing I want to do is input either daily or weekly in the parameters box. I can do it by changing the word “daily” to “weekly” in the code.
I would like to do this from the Parameters box but it doesn’t seem to work even though I have declared the variable in the code as you have done.
This is what I have tried in the code after naming cell B9 as “dayWk”:
Dim dayWk As String

dayWk = (dayWk”.Value

& “& period=dayWk& display…”

Sir can u provide with the code for automatic update after 6 min.. and also want to ask if its possible to get the data of two stocks in same excel or same page (that would b grt) since,, Im trying for the spread trading so I can plot the spread between two stocks for intraday buy sell signal
Thanks do reply Im excited with this new strategy.. or any xpert who can help me with improvising this

It looks like a terrific tool to use with excell. However, I opened the link to the spread sheet and try just to chage dates but excell won 8767 t update because 8775 the macro is either not available in the work book or may be disabled 8776

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