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You can change how your signals appear on your chart—in just a few clicks. Exit orders can be connected by a visible line to all related entry orders—the line will be green if the trade was profitable, red if not. If you don’t like those colors, or any other visual aspect, you can easily change it.

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The Breakout strategy will place two stop orders at the prices (distance) specified, in order to catch the breakout when it happens. A buy stop order will be placed above the current price and a sell stop order below the current price.

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Exit strategies are essential
Exit strategies were designed to protect against sudden market movements and to exit a position in a structured and organized fashion. They allow managing risk, scaling into and out of positions, and leaving the computer while trades are in place. Just like entry strategies, these exits are OCO groups consisting of limit and/or stop orders. Drag-and-drop exit strategies to existing orders, apply them with a right-click, or auto-apply them to every new order. Learn more about them in the Automation of Entries and Exits section.

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There are currently four entry strategies – Breakout, Fade, Breakout Up/Fade, and Breakout Down/Fade. To learn more about them read the Automation of Entries and Exits section.

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Auto trade one symbol in different ways
Auto trade the same symbol from several charts. Yes, you can do that. can send trading signals from several charts or even computers simultaneously. What’s more, if the same symbol is traded from several charts, the market position for each chart will be tracked separately.

Different views, different angles
Each scale can display the data from various angles. For example, a scale can show minimum to maximum values for the entire data range or only for a certain part of the series. Other useful touches include the ability to center the graph on the middle of the scale, set number of digits after decimals, and define the amount of labels present.

Market Scanner is a watchboard for monitoring symbols you are interested in and finding opportunities. The new version of our Scanner has two components: Pre-Scanning and Watchlist windows. While a single chart gives you details about one symbol, the Scanner allows you to spot opportunities among thousands of symbols.

The colors can be adjusted to quickly pick out important information. Bar spacing can be adjusted for easier viewing. Change the and the margins’ for optimal chart setup. Session breaks, empty periods, indicators, price series, title bars, scroll bars, and divider lines are all easily customized to improve the way you view information.

Use up to 75 subcharts per chart
You can create up to 75 subcharts per chart, which allows for complete analysis of the big picture. In addition, you can use bid, ask, and trade data, and you can receive data from different providers all in the same chart.

The Fade strategy will place two limit orders at the prices (distance) specified, so fading can start when the price moves. A buy limit order will be placed below the current price and a sell limit order above the current price.

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