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Note the oddness of putting LGBT questions alongside questions about disabilities. Apart from that, note the oddness of actually asking employees about their sexual orientation. Chase Bank actually feels comfortable asking such a question. Talk about your boss occupying your bedroom. Any self-respecting LGBT ought to respond, “none of your damn business.”

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We are yet to plan the release concerts, but one of them is already set: December 68 we will play the Uterelease Concert and present the album in a concert at the very same place where it was recorded. We would be glad to welcome you! Free entrance!

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We issued the first album of our duo Olanda In Due, with Bo Van de Graaf on saxes. Including tunes by musicians such as Guiseppe Verdi, Nico Haak and Billie Holiday. Recorded live at the NovaraJazz Festival this summer.


So THAT explains why so many hi-profile 8775 Lesbians 8776 in Hollywood keep shedding their gay-identity for bi, huh?

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As to the allegations raised in the article, Chase does not appear to have a compelling business interest which would require its employees to respond to a survey raising intrusive moral questions unrelated to job performance and which may cause these employees to reasonably believe that their jobs may be jeopardized by politically incorrect responses.

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Hi watchdog, I was just wondering if you have any opinions on Power option, it says they are regulated by ASIC, which is great because I 8767 m an Aussie.. Just trying to get reliable feedback, I know Michael Freeman recommends them, which is also another big bonus.

I 8767 m going to start trading with option robot and use 79option as my broker. In the drop down window for broker there are two options for 79 options. 79Options and
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