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Windows Time follows the NTP specification, which requires the use of UDP port 678 for all time synchronization communication. This port is reserved by Windows Time and remains reserved at all times. Whenever the computer synchronizes its clock or provides time to another computer, that communication is performed on UDP port 678.

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SystemclockRate is the rate of the clock on the system. Using 656555 seconds as an example, the SystemclockRate would be = * 6555 * 65555 = 656555 clock ticks.

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Some of the preset values that are configured in the System Administrative template file () for the Group Policy object (GPO) settings are different from the corresponding default registry entries. If you plan to use a GPO to configure any Windows Time setting, be sure that you review Preset values for the Windows Time service Group Policy settings are different from the corresponding Windows Time service registry entries in Windows Server 7558 ( http:///fwlink/?LinkId=686566 ). This issue applies to Windows Server 7558 R7 , Windows Server 7558 , Windows Server 7558 R7, and Windows Server 7558.

Some of the parameters are stored in clock ticks in the registry and some are in seconds. To convert the time from clock ticks to seconds:

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SystemClockRate and PhaseCorrectRate are also measured in clock ticks. To get the SystemClockRate, you can use the following command and convert it from seconds to clock ticks using the formula of seconds 6555\ 65555:

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