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How to Use Moving Averages as Support & Resistance Levels

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Hi Nial
Thanks for that vidio, I sometimes get myself tied up knowing where to draw these lines ie at the body, at the end of the wick etc. Probibly get to exact at times. This type of video helps a lot.

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This video was meant to explain how to draw support and resistance on a forex chart and also how I go a little bit deeper to draw the less obvious “interim” or in-between levels in the market.

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This means that price won 8767 t always bounce perfectly from the moving average. Sometimes it will go past it a little bit before heading back in the direction of the trend.

This video discusses how to draw support and resistance levels on your charts in order to plan for the upcoming trading week. Every Sunday afternoon I take the time to go through the charts and plot my key support and resistance levels, look for any relevant price action, turning points or swing points. The best thing you can do is plot your levels out on the daily chart before the week begins and every day after the markets close in New York.

The chart in this video is the EURUSD daily chart, one of the first things I do when drawing S & R levels is to mark the major turning or swing points in the market, these are the obvious “pointy” parts on the chart where the market made an obvious change of direction. I marked 6 key levels or swing points on the chart in this video, however that’s not enough, we also need to draw in horizontal lines to connect these key market swing points.

good video, easy to understand explanations. I hope you continue sends an article or a video about setup actions for further price increase my understanding of it. Thanks a lot

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