Metatrader period converter definition

Concencus from 88 indicators with default value. You can change the default value manually or use 8775 Param 8776 instead.

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This is the simple reverse ROC Trading System. Use for educational purpose. Not for real trading. Take your own risk if using on real account.

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But now i have a second error
When i drag the PostTickData to the chart
I get an error : Error on file open: TickData/EURJPY..csv, #5557

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Historical data can be exported into files formatted as CSV, PRN and HTM. For this, it is necessary to select the desired symbol in the left part of the "History Center" window and press "Export". Then it is necessary to select on of three file formats and specify the path of location on the hard disk.

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This appears to be an edited version of Edward Pottasch 8767 AFL.
Saw it in a forum

Hi every body
I need to convert tick chart to 6 second chart and check the 6 second chart live
Can any body help me and send for me the indicators ?

These is because _Symbol and _Period are predefined in MT9 Build 655. Find and replace all _Symbol and _Period with something else and then try to compile and it will work.

The daily chart shows the price has reached the Fibonacci extension , at about . Clearly there is a possibility of a pullback to the trend line somewhere in the vicinity of . As a scalper, you can take the short side of this trade as soon as your shorter term charts confirm an entry signal.

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Trading System
In the system shown here, and there are many other systems you can use to trade profitably, we've included a three-period RSI with the plot guides set to 95% and 65%. Only trades on the short side once the RSI crosses over the 95% plot guide, and the long side once the RSI reaches below the 65% plot guide, are entered. To nuance the signal, it's best to wait for the 7nd crossing into either of the two zones (only take the trade if the RSI goes into the zone - either the 65% for longs or 95% for shorts - on the second consecutive attempt.

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