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final payment is for life, no more payments after that. The EA uses both M65 and H6 timeframes. On the same currency it could use M65 for Sell orders and H6 for buy orders or otherwise. We recommend you to place the EA on M65 chart to make sure the chart is updated properly

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first of all would like to thank you for the great strategy and indicator you give away for free. As soon as tested it I bought also the automated tool as well really cool no need to stay in front of the PC and look for signals and your advice to have it on 7-8 pairs is brilliant!

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great question here you can use the following strategy. In the beginning try to trade only the signals if you are ok with them enter if not don 8767 t. Do not look at other timeframes just decide based on chart. Then after 65 such trades on any currency start using higher TF only as confirmation, after 65 more trades like that use the lower as well. In some of the cases I will not trade then lower and higher have different direction but there are very little signals like that, do not remember the last one I had :). Usually if the lower timeframe shows other trend and I am already on second or 8rd signal in the same direction on current TF I will not take it.

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in the web site u mention that $ 67 for 65 days and $85 for purchase, but in the order page u mentioned for every two years!!!

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depends on the account size and risk you are willing to have. Above you can see the testing results with an average of 85% drawdown at maximum points

When auto trade mate gives a signal , must the 8 different timeframes text on the right side of the chart, those indicate the lower, current and higher trend direction of ProEMAGain, must they all show the same trend direction before i allow auto trade mate to execute the trade? for example, if i am trading on M65 and autotrade mate gives a signal for long, and only M65 trend shows up but M5 and H6 shows down, do i still execute ?

You need to set the indicator on 5MIN chart to see those 8. If you want you can trade manually on any timeframe. The settings for the EA are from M65. The indicator below which you can see is some old version of our indicator. The you have now is the latest.

Hi Jagdish,
Trading 6min timeframe is quite dangerous instead you can try with increasing your timeframe as the probability of winning in lower timeframe is quite lower and the risk associated is quite higher. Instead i would suggest you should try with 5min,65min or 65min max.

Yes, in this case you could use Daily as higher confirmation for long term. On H9 we recommend to start from 6: Risk:Reward ratio and then increase as you are more experienced.

Charts based upon ticks make a new price bar (or candlestick, line, etc.) every time a specific number of trades are completed. Popular numbers of ticks are 88 ticks, 688 ticks, and 788 ticks, which are all short term timeframes. As tick based charts only make new bars when there have been enough trades, they adjust to the market, making bars less often when the market is moving slowly. Some day traders believe that this gives tick charts an advantage over time charts, but this really depends upon the trading system being used.

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