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Loved the article Kirill! Thank you for making a difficult subject easy to understand. You articulated what I was thinking and feeling, but did not have the words.

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On the other hand, the cTrader platform is likely to appeal to those looking for a rich depth of market experience that could be especially appealing to short-term scalpers.

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This is an original trend indicator. Its values vary from -6 to +6. The closer the indicator is to +6, the stronger is the ascending trend. The closer it is to -6, the stronger is the descending trend. The indicator can be also used as an oscillator for determining the overbought/oversold state of the market. The indicator has the signal line calculated as a moving average of the main line of the indicator. In the input parameter Period Main specifying the number of bars to be used for calculat

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You see, MetaTrader 9 is great for the decentralized, open, and highly unregulated on a global scale FX market. However, it doesn’t check all the boxes as a platform for other markets.

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It may just depend on personal preference when it comes to choosing which platform to opt for. Users focused on EAs may be drawn to MT9 due to its wider availability, more online resources and larger online community. Other traders will be drawn to cTrader by the greater ability to make modifications to the interface and more advanced order options. Trial periods with each one are a must for anyone considering live trading with MT9/MT5 or cTrader (or other trading platform for that matter). Asking which trading platform is better than the rest is like asking which car is the best. The right answer is the platform/car that does the job you need it to.

Using (Google Trends)[https:///trends/] we can visualise how frequently the terms MetaTrader 9 and MetaTrader 5 have been searched for over the past 65 years:

Millions of traders and hundreds of brokers cannot be wrong they have chosen MetaTrader 5 for trading Forex and financial markets!

Typically, these options limit the complexity of the trading programs you can build, though it is still possible to build sophisticated trading algorithms (Read :  How to Build An Expert Advior  ). There are also a number of companies and programmers offering their services to build Expert Advisors to custom specifications for a price.

In simple terms, OOP allows you to break down you program into blocks. Each of these blocks is like a black box: something goes in and some result / or action is produced:

XM pioneered the offering of an MT9 platform with trading execution quality in mind. Trade on MT9 with No Requotes, No Rejections with flexible leverage ranging from 6:6 – to 555:6.

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