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Thanks a ton for sharing your signals and teaching many out there without any monetary interest very few people can do that !!! !

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Which leads to the lesson that understanding what a failure of a technical setup is and looks like affords trading opportunity. That is what we had in some of the pairs affected by the election call.

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Absolutely agree. The horror stories I 8767 ve heard surrounding binary options reminds me of the days when retail Forex was making its appearance.

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So I assume the best way to check 8775 before 8776 and 8775 after 8776 is to go to previous week 8767 s signals and compare with your comments and what actually happened after one week. Maybe is would be simpler if that was shown on one chart, it would be visually clearer. But that is just my feedback.

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The questions you have asked are a trading course on their own but you will find the answers to most of your questions on my website.

The candle stick on CADJPY, indicateso the buying pressure on the pair. Although a bearish reversal pattern double top is noticed. Bearish break out should have been noticed on Wednesday but there was buying pressure which I am not sure still exists today.

Hi Jose. I appreciate the kind words! The course was written a while ago by the old owner of the website. I am updating a lot of what was written by him though. He certainly put a lot of love into the site. I hope that people see the charts that are posted and begin to find their own way to tackle the markets so they can become self-sufficient. Trading is a wonderful business where really you make your own future. I always say it is a meritocracy.

hi Rkay
On GBPAUD daily chart, there is a clear breakout on , forming a clear C leg of the ABC pattern. I like to hear your thoughts on your bearish view on this chart, thanks

Hey Jonie! Thanks for the comment. Hope you are learning something from the course. I think sometimes the charts I post in the signals are almost a lesson themselves. All the best.

Hey Alvin. I will tell you that trying to find the best setting for any indicator is a rabbit hole. It leads to much wasted time as well as over optimizing any trading system.
In regards to default settings: RSI is 69. AO is a 89 sma and 5 sma. Hope that helps!

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