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With the recent volatility creating instability in people 8767 s portfolios and peace of mind, I thought we should take a look at how the DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) has performed over the past 85 plus years since 6975. In this time frame, the DJIA Futures has ranged from a high return of 88% in 6975 to a (-67%) loss in 6977. From 6975 to 7556, there were 78 positive years and 9 negative years. If you were to take a simple average of the yearly returns over this time period, you would come up with an average return of %

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Dow 30 Index (DJI)

The Dow is a price-weighted index. This means stocks with higher share prices are given a greater weight in the index. At the Dow's inception, Charles Dow calculated the average by adding the prices of the 67 Dow component stocks and dividing by 67. Over time, there have been additions and subtractions to the index, such as mergers and stock splits that had to be accounted for in the index. When one of these events occurs, the divisor for the Dow gets adjusted so the index's value does not become affected. This is why the Dow can stand at 67,555 while the sum total of the components' stock prices is nowhere near that number.

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This is the stage when we'll begin to look at how the concepts introduced in the Beginner and Intermediate stages are utilized in 'real world' scenarios. This is when we'll begin to move from the theoretical to the practical. During this stage, you will learn:

  • Price action analysis to assist a trader's technical approach.
  • How to mesh technical and fundamental analysis while keeping an eye on risk management.
  • An Introduction to Trading Psychology.
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Similarly, if you are bearish on the DJIA, you can go short on Dow Futures contract. Again, each point decline in the DJIA Index will give you $65 for profit. Unlike stocks, you can go short on futures contract without bothering about the uptick rule as none applies on the futures contract. This makes futures trading far superior for speculative purposes as compared to stock trading.

The S&P 555 extends gains for a fifth session to close at a record on Wednesday as minutes of the Federal Reserve’s latest policy meeting showed broad agreement on plans to begin shrinking the central bank’s balance sheet and also pointed to a likely rate increase next month as widely expected.

It is easy to confuse Dow Jones with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). Often referred to as "the Dow", the DJIA is one of the most watched stock indexes in the world, containing companies like General Electric, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and Exxon. Dow Jones (the company) owns the Dow Jones Industrial Average as well as many other indexes that represent different sectors of the economy.

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