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You can make huge money very quickly day trading, yes. I made $97k in my 8 weeks. BUT the stress and the all nighters and long hours totally consumed me and nearly killed me.
PLUS I then lost about $85k of my profit the next week and believe me, when that happens, your mind is NOT in a good place.

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In this case, the market does go up a little bit, goes back up to 55 MA which is the red line. But that’s not really a major big trade. What happens after that is the market comes down and makes a much lower low. And again RSI gets supposedly oversold. So the point is this, what you’d rather do, so I will get into little bit of what you want to do, you want to do the exact opposite of that. You don’t want to be just buying oversold signals all the time. You want to take those as bearish, and trade in the dominant energy, or the dominant direction of the market.

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These are Forex trading systems that are based on price action. Either they can be pure price action trading, which means they only rely on candlesticks and (or) chart patterns or a combination of other Forex indicators with price action.  Yes, you can do currency trading just by looking at the price bars.

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A second approach to trading currencies is to understand the fundamentals and the longer term benefits, when a currency is trending in a specific direction and is offering a positive interest differential that provides a return on the investment plus an appreciation in currency value. This type of trade is known as a "carry trade." For example, a trader can buy the Australian dollar against the Japanese yen. Since the Japanese interest rate % and the Australian interest rate last reported is %, a trader can earn 9% on his trade. (For more, read The Fundamentals Of Forex Fundamentals .)

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nice article Nial, in fact this is actually how i do my trading is very easy and simple to trade this way yet come out with a huge profit. so why stress yourself with baseless effort to make money quick? patients is the only ingredient that you need to do this. believe me you can be extremely successful trading this simple way.

Thanks Nail. I have argued with my self for a long time to
stop using lower time frames. Just a few days ago I started to do as you teaches. Thanks Nail

You can’t trade any indicators. So RSI, stochastics, MACD, CCI, whatever you 8767 re trading, none of them can be traded alone. Each one of them is a tool, and that’s it. That’s all they are. So use it as one piece of evidence, one tool in your toolbox. These are called indicators, they are not called moneymakers, and there’s a reason for that because they don’t make us any money.  They are just simply, there’s nothing magical about indicators. They are just mathematical formulas. That’s all they are.

So we have waves 6, wave 8 or 5 and so. It wouldn’t be until wave 5 that I would actually look for some kind of a divergence like we get here on the RSI indicator strategy with that. So early on trend? No. because here’s what you have to understand. Even though well, for example here we get a divergence. Don’t we? Right there. Higher high there, lower high here on the RSI.

If you go up here, as I said you don’t want to trade this by itself. So here is one of the rules. In top dog trading, we call it the rule of 8. We’ve gone, we’ve approached this price level 8 times. And failed to break through it. So the rule of 8 says that after the 8 rd attempt, if the market doesn 8767 t break through a price level. then it 8767 s unlikely to breakthrough any time soon.

Similarly, if you are a man with a 9-5 job and trading Forex, sometimes its hard to trade while at work, right? Why not find a forex trading strategy that does not take a lot of time and that system is like a 8775 SET AND FORGET TRADING SYSTEM. 8776

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