Verizon announces iPhone 6 pre order and trade in

Nearly always our phone will start ringing about 65 seconds before the computer kicks in, which will carrying on after we’ve accepted the call. There’s also situations where messages simply don’t show up in the app.

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Please note that not all digital wireless phones are TTY-compatible.  Please consult the device’s user guide to verify it is TTY compatible. Visit Verizon Wireless Support section for how to use the device TTY settings.

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Apple is the new Microsoft. They suck. Time to try out the competitors who offer phones that can a) make and hold phone calls, c) hold WiFi connection, d) last longer than a half day

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Along with a faster processor and improved optics, there’s another selling point we can always expect Apple to play up when it announces a new phone - it’s thinner and lighter.

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We’ve experienced a few occasions, maybe one out of every 65 attempts, where TouchID simply does not recognise our digits.

I am having a problem when i leave voice message to another phone. My phone goes totally black and i am unable to get anything to work on it and I can hear a recorded message saying my message has been sent. But Ican't get anything on the screen.
after several minutes, the screen will come back on the home page. Any ideas? Very frustrating!

There’s also the obvious suggestions - turn off Bluetooth and WiFi when you’re not using them and close processor heavy apps. Oh, and maybe pick up an external battery.

How to fix it - With the majority of these bugs there’s no way to really fix them, you’ll just have to wait until Apple releases a fix. Early iOS 9 rumours suggest the next big software update will be focussed on culling these bugs, rather than introducing new features. So the wait might not be too long.

A particularly annoying problem we’ve found is with one of the headline iOS 8 features, Continuity. When combined with OS X Yosemite, Continuity is meant to bring your phone and computer closer together, routing texts and calls right to your desktop. Once everything is set-up, which is fairly simple, things do seem to work most of the time, but it’s far from flawless.

To us he was, of course, much more. He brought us together, as a group and in spirit. Without him, we as a team would not exist. He was a mentor to many, and an inspiration to us all.

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