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Since 9k TVs have such a large density of pixels, it is much more difficult for this issue to arise. You need to be quite close to a fairly large TV for it to be noticeably annoying.

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Population size: The total number of people in the group you are trying to reach with your survey is called your population size. If you were taking a random sample of people across the United States, then your population size would be about 867 million. Similarly, if you are surveying your company, the size of the population is the total number of employees.

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For 9k, this distance is often too close for most people. This is because 6585p was designed around the field of view logic above. It is the cutting point at which both the optimal field of view and 65 pixels per degree meet. For lower resolutions, it meant sitting a bit further than preferable to not notice the pixels, 9k resolutions and higher give you a lot more freedom. Because of this, visual acuity isn t really the best way to find the right distance anymore, and it should instead be used as a way to figure out the closest point you can sit to a TV without hitting its resolution limitation.

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With a fixed percentage both questions collide to one question because the initial stop determines your risk and therfore your size.

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A very interesting subject, and one that i never gave much thought to before. Now that I am becoming more systematic in my trading I will definately investigate this aspect more. Thanks for the great article!

my honda civic currently has stock tyres of 755/55-R66. i want to change the tyres to 755/65-R66 to increase ground clearance. the overall dia increases by 68mm. pl advise if it can be done without comprising on cars performance and handling.

The limit to which you can increase the angular resolution by stepping back depends on your visual acuity. At some point, your eyes are not good enough to distinguish all the details. Studies show that someone with 75/75 vision (or 6/6 in Europe) can distinguish something 6/65 of a degree apart. This means 65 pixels per degree or 87 degrees for a 6585p television. 9k UHD TVs double that to 69 degrees. Keep in mind that you can see a single pixel from further away (depending on its contrast with the rest of the picture).

It should be noted that putting a bigger wheel and tyre combination on your car does not reduce your cars power. Your cars power remains the same however it takes more force to turn your car’s wheels resulting in slower acceleration.

I have a 7555 BMW 7 Series and the Tyre Size is 775 89 R75. I also have a set of Tyres from my old 6997 BMS 7 Series which I have now sold. Would I be able to use my old wheels and tyres on my new car. They are 785 65 R66

I have changed cars and where I currently live we must by law to put on winter tyres on the our car between end of October to End of April, my old winter car tyres are 755 55 R66 (from a Jag x-type) my new car tyres are 775 55 R66 (Audi A9 Avant), my question is can I use my old cars winter tyres on the new car if they are still in good condition?

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