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MSI is providing critical support to USAID/Pakistan which contributes to their ability to make sound development decisions and improve results.

ISO 13053-2:2011 - Quantitative methods in process

First, write the decision you have to make at the top of a sheet of paper. Next , divide it in half vertically, and label one side "Pros" and the other "Cons." Then, list all of the possible positive consequences of the decision in the pros column, and all the negative effects in the cons column.

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Imagine that you manage your organization's marketing department. Some of your team members would like to work remotely several days a week, rather than from the office every day. So, you need to decide whether to provide the option to work from home.

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At other times, however, we are convinced that we already know what the best solution is, so we make decisions quickly and don't consider all the alternatives.

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Start by writing the decision you have to make at the top of a sheet of paper. Then, divide it in half, and label one side "Pros" and the other "Cons." Write down all of the possible benefits of following the course of action, and all the possible negative outcomes, under each heading.

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You can avoid both of these situations by weighing up the pros and cons of a decision &ndash a simple but effective decision-making strategy that allows you to look at the situation from different angles, consider appropriate solutions, and make a confident choice.

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Many of us experience "analysis paralysis" when we're faced with a difficult decision. Often, we're afraid of making the "wrong" choice, so we spend a huge amount of time analyzing every possibility, and struggling to reach a conclusion.

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