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So, what are your chances of succeeding as a Forex trader?? This is a very important question that deserves some logic-based discussion, rather than the vague general statements that we so often read on the internet. Let’s tackle this question head-on with some supporting evidence and logical thought, this will hopefully give you some confidence and eliminate some of the “I’m just another doomed trader” thoughts that you no doubt have had or are currently having.

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Very good article, I can finally see risk to reward alot better now since I found the market do the work and not biting your fingernails on each trade is a breath of fresh all newbie like myself stay on it. 8775 You can 8767 t fail if you don 8767 t try, if you don 8767 t try you already failed 8776 . listen to Nial. Thankyou

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Thanks Nial,
A great article,a good real lesson. For some time, I am loosing money again and again with out any control,but I admit myself that my reaction to the market is like a gambler,no princple,no patience,rule or any will be successful in trading,but I have to change these bad habits and for stick to the rules or forget the is the Nial for openning my eyes so many times and this will be the last really enjoyed this article,a very valuable

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We are talking about what it takes to make 6 R.. we are not just saying 8766 any profit 8767 . The table states we are trying to demonstrate.

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I love this article. It takes everything in consideration. The people comment do not think of newton 8767 s law. It is all relative. So with that said, they all say that there is not one loser to one winner. They are comparing themselves to a government or bank. It is funny that some people buy the same amount as a bank it government would. They are buying millions and you the little guy are buying thousands or hundreds. It is all relative. Make a little like you said is like a bank making thousands which to them is the same as what you made from what they risked. I like how some people think that they are the high rollers. Just my thoughts but I think that your article is great as I have been through these changes and have been trading for 6 years.

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I agree with you 655% that: 8775 Simply having a solid education in an effective trading strategy and truly “mastering” it greatly increases your chances of making money consistently in the markets 8776

Good article. I like your approach to trading. It makes sense and enables profit. Maybe there should be more said about setting realistic take profit to avoid unneeded losses and to raise % of winners.

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