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Hi Nial, I could not agree more, My own trading improved greatly when I eliminated all the crap from my charts, I only trade in direction of the trend and use candle setups for my entry signal. As far as declutering my life, that too is my goal, Thanks

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Nial, really good article and you 8767 ll never belief this but I have done exactly this with my charts this week well I haven 8767 t done the house things but clutter has such a negative effort on ones mind.


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Thanks Nial. This 8766 minimalist approach 8767 to trading in Forex will go along way in promoting the trading. As using 8766 robots 8767 8766 trading signals 8767 etc are just waste of time, money and energy. Regards.

Hi Nial
I believe that one day I will be trading only price action based trading with minimalist approach regarding the indicators and other journey has forced me and driven to simply trade daily charts and at the most four hourly truly appreciate articles from you which provide strength as well as direction towards right approach to trading where there is nothing other than a simple system has chance to succeed. Great article.

There isn’t much to say here – simply put, know what’s going on in the world, from various financial crises and natural disasters to macro indicators like unemployment, new housing starts, GDP growth and inflation, and so on.

In the article, when you say 8775 read the WSJ cover to cover everyday 8776 what do you mean specifically, because I have the online version and it seems as though there is an infinite amount of articles on there, and I get overwhelmed trying to pick out what to read. Any insight on what I should really focus on?

Nail,this is a new is the bane of the most of the political leaders especially in the developing steal millions of dollars from the public fund just for wish our leaders take a leaf from this philosophy of minimalism and there will not be a poor man in any I will want to publish this article in a Nigerian is a great philosophy NIAL and tnx.

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