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i have supertrend afl and getting buy and sell signal in amibroker. I just need to generate in pi. Is there need of modification in afl of supertrend or just punch formula else in ami so that it generate signal in pi?

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Hmm.. not possible for now. The issue is that exchanges in India consider anything that changes its value automatically as an algo. If it is an algo it has to run at our servers, and not allowed on your machine.

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// To Whom \\
Those who New to Amibroker and Coding
and want to test their Buy/Sell Logic and coding before subscribing to data from vendors
Who want to familiarize themselves with Amibroker Charting
And For Those Who not in position to Subscribe to Data.

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Hi Nithin,
I have installed Pi plus the Amibroker Bridge including the latest patch still the bridge is RED.
Amibroker complains saying com object is null. Is there any specific to Amibroker version?

Birju, if you can check in the comments above, Choks has given a couple of strategies. You can also check this section on Tradingqna.

To place orders, you have to first create a Pi Bridge object using CreateStaticObject function (AmiBroker function to create a global instance) and place orders using the PlaceOrder function.

in Built is not that Much audible,
So U can Download any Hig Pitch Wav file from Net and copy to C /Windows/Media Folder and use it

Hi Nitin,
Hope you are doing great!
6. when can we expect pi for macbook?
7. Could you please suggest most suitable software for pairs trading which can be bridged to pi?

Alerts-> Generated Alerts, all orders get logged in this window as you are semi-automated. You will have to click on this to fire the order.

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