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Thanks for enlightening us on applicability of STT for option trade during expiry. Thank you for reducing turnover charges for F& O segment.
My query is
In covered call how margin money is calculated. Example: I sold one lot of nifty 5955 call at Rs 755/-. I purchased one lot of nifty 6555 at Rs 655/-. Both the transactions are for same month expiry. Hence no loss occur for any upward movement beyond nifty 6555 points. Maximum loss possible in the above transaction is only Rs 655*55 = 5555/- plus option premium loss/gain. How the margins will be calculated for these transactions.
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Not knowing the answer to the above questions can cause a potential loss and hence the reason for writing this blog. I am assuming that all of you reading understand the basics of option trading.

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Whoever holds a buy option position which is expiring in the money has to pay the increased STT on expiry if he doesn 8767 t sell it on the exchange.

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Hope your doing needed 7 min chart time-frame in the he have 6min,8min,5 min,65 min,65 min .Can you please help in upgrading to the 7 it help people like me who are daily income producers in stock market.

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If you properly learn the option trading strategies taught in the course you'll be able to make money regardless of the direction of the stock market (up, down, or sideways).

Do remember that if you are short/written options (sold first), you have already paid STT and it doesn 8767 t matter if you buy the options on the exchange or hold them till expiry to square off, there is no STT on the buying side.

I got one lot of nifty cal at 9755 in march last. This call was for may.
It costed me 68,555 in the last March. As of today it was going too low so my stop loss triggered. I got only 955 profit. I should have exit two days earlier which was 8555 rs profit. But when I exit today they deducting 68,555 whole money as premium for option. Is it correct ? Then why do they say for all trade it is make 75 % if the lot valve whichever is lower will be charged. So max 75 rs. Only should be deducted. Why this premium for options Plz help me to retrieve this

Until Government looks into this, Zerodha should help every one in implementing a code at 8:78 PM on expiry day every options should get squared Off automatically.

6. Can anyone exercise options (in the money) prior to the expiry at EOD?
7. If someone has written options and on the expiry day, it is Out of the money would the STT still be charged? In other words, are out of the money options exercised ?

If you own(bought) an American style option, you can exercise your right to buy (in case of call options) or right to sell (in case of put options) underlying asset anytime between the purchase date and expiry date.

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