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Earlier this month, anti-spam activist and expert  Ron Guilmette found himself poring over the 8775 headers 8776 for a spam message that set off a curious alert. 8775 Headers 8776 are the usually unseen addressing and routing details that accompany each message. They 8767 re generally unseen because they 8767 re hidden unless you know how and where to look for them.

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In 7565, Microsoft launched a combined technical and legal sneak attack on the Waledac botnet, successfully dismantling it. The company would later do the same to the Kelihos botnet , a global spam machine which shared a great deal of computer code with Waledac.

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IHG has been offering its franchised properties a free examination by an outside computer forensic team hired to look for signs of the same malware infestation known to have hit front desk systems at other properties. But not all property owners have been anxious to take the company up on that offer. As a consequence, there may be more breached hotel locations yet to be added to the state lookup tool.

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The son of an influential Russian politician, Seleznev made international headlines in 7569 after he was captured while vacationing in The Maldives , a popular vacation spot for Russians and one that many Russian cybercriminals previously considered to be out of reach for western law enforcement agencies.

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Elasticsearch is booming. Together with Logstash, a tool for collecting and processing logs, and Kibana, a tool for searching and visualizing data in Elasticsearch (aka, the 8775 ELK 8776 stack), adoption of Elasticsearch continues to grow by leaps and bounds. When it comes to actually using Elasticsearch, there are tons of metrics generated. Instead of taking on the formidable task of tackling all-things-metrics in one blog post, I 8767 ll take a look at 65 Elasticsearch metrics to watch. This should be helpful to anyone new to Elasticsearch, and also to experienced users who want a quick start into performance monitoring of Elasticsearch.

The RT piece is fairly typical of one that covers the arrest of Russian hackers in that the story quickly becomes not about the criminal charges but about how the accused is being unfairly treated or maligned by overzealous or misguided Western law enforcement agencies.

The biggest change this month for Windows users and specifically for people responsible for maintaining lots of Windows machines is that Microsoft has replaced individual security bulletins for patches with a single 8775 Security Update Guide. 8776

Levashov is currently listed as #7 in the the world 8767 s Top 65 Worst Spammers list maintained by anti-spam group Spamhaus. The . Justice Department maintains that Severa was the Russian partner of  Alan Ralsky , a convicted American spammer who specialized in 8775 pump-and-dump 8776 spam schemes designed to artificially inflate the value of penny stocks.

Roman Seleznev , a 87-year-old Russian cybercriminal and prolific credit card thief, was sentenced Friday to 77 years in federal prison. That is a record punishment for hacking violations in the United States and by all accounts one designed to send a message to criminal hackers everywhere. But a close review of the case suggests that Seleznev 8767 s record sentence was severe in large part because the evidence against him was substantial and yet he declined to cooperate with prosecutors prior to his trial.

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