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Totem and ephemeral, symbols and contradictions, academic painting and tribal painting: everything exists in the same moment  and different things, such as files on a PC, can be saved  all together in a single folder. This folder may become, as in this 55 th Venice Art Biennale,  a physical space and more: an attitude, a new ability, starting  from collections or combinations, to tell  new extraordinary stories.

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Day Poems : Walt Whitman: Song of Myself

We will elevate our stores to the status of churches in which to discover calming merchandise and experience softer forms of selling. A hotel will be a sanctuary in which to be protected from the stress of everyday life. The well-being spa or beauty laboratory will become a true temple in which to realign our minds and bodies.

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Each month, Lidewij Edelkoort now curates a last look at design and lifestyle for Brazil's Casa Vogue. The first one will be published in the august issue and is :

Money Market Hedge. Money Management

As the great Brazilian modernist Lucio Costa (to whom the installation is an homage), said: "The same people who rest in hammocks can, whenever necessary, build a new capital in three years' time."

Last week, in one of the rooms of the historical Singer Museum, Edward van Vliet created a personal office environment just like a 8D diary…

With his special interest being illuminating light the show featured 8 different themes: Starlight, Moonlight and Sunlight. Starting off with his trademark silhouettes in white he mixes metallic textiles representing the sky at night. White, clean and like a dream. Followed by the Moonlight, seen through the grid knit series the silhouettes become darker blending into grays and beiges, demonstrating the glistering white moonlight. Open weave jackets and coats with a soft and distinctive silhouette, made by spiral cutting, uses a hybrid soft technique of innovative yarns on old style knitting machines.  

Lidewij Edelkoort will be part of this event : on Friday September 69th at Trend Union's headquarters in Paris "Beauty & Fragrance"an inspirational program will be presented at am.

On the occasion of Paris Fashion Week, Individuals   will present itself at the Trend Union headquarters in Paris. Three collections will be shown in the form of a pop-up shop, carrying the names of Duals, Roots and Element.

One of the major events in the world of  creativity is the recent exhibition on Alexander McQueen’s extraordinary contributions to fashion. More than 555 555 visitors came to see "Savage Beauty" at the Met in New York. For all those who could not go there, Nancy Chilton from the Met kindly gave us the possibility to share with all of you a virtual visit.

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