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Stop hunting is real and undeniable. However, it is not exclusive to lower time frames. Liquidity pool is higher on the higher time frames and surely will incur deeper losses should one experience it. What happens in the day trading time frames is that most traders are completely unaware of the actual prevailing longer term trend. It makes them want to catch whatever pseudo high or low is made thereby providing other smarter traders (doesn 8767 t have to be your broker or the big boys) with more cash to prey on.
Traders should be advised to start their analysis from the big time frames and work their entries out on the lower ones.
Over all, nice article but not as controversial as touted.

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There is no such thing as stop hunting in the market. It is normal market behaviour of seaking liquidity.
It safe to trade with higher timeframe perspective in mind while 65 or 85 min chart is used, where you can spot areas of high liquidity and market reaction.

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Volatility or noise, whatever name you use, it is something that is needed and is capitalized on. Here 8767 s the reality of all that noise, it actually makes the trending price action. It 8767 s all transpires into the different time frames and makes the market tradeable.

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Now that I can agree to. Major levels such as swing high/low do have stops that are hunted. But stop hunts happen on larger time frames as well, in fact even more so since the liquidity pool is generally deeper with a daily chart!

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Thanks for pointing me to this article. I need to be reminded from time to time. What most wanna be forex scalpers and day traders don 8767 t realize is that the spreads will kill any profit you try to make. There just isn 8767 t room in those tiny market movements to make any profit.

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Always known / believed it but haven 8767 t had the cojones to make the change to the bigger T/F 8767 s. I think now is the time as I am noticing their value as time progresses.

Marcin. I am sorry but I strongly disagree with you. Stop hunting or stop running is a very real concept and happens every day in the markets. I do agree in part that market looks for 8766 liquidity 8767 as you have suggested, but I don 8767 t believe this is the same concept as stop hunting. They are 7 unique market phenomena.

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