Computer science major career options after engineering

Designs and creates programs used to collect, maintain, and analyze data needed by business, government, or other institutions. Adapts programs to changing business needs.

Careers in Computer Science

Common employers are IT consultancies and IT service providers. However, as most businesses rely on computers to function effectively, there are also opportunities within the IT departments of major organisations in the telecommunications, aerospace and defence, financial services, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, agricultural, public and third sectors.

Computer Scientist: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

Takes overall responsibility for the operation and planning for a local or wide-area computer network. Plans expansion selects appropriate network operating system and software tools configures major features deals with connection between local network and Internet establish procedures for support staff and users.

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In addition, computer network architects evaluate the products and services available in the marketplace. Computer network architects test systems prior to implementation and resolve problems as they occur after the set-up is in place.

What are some career paths for a Computer Science major

While the careers listed below are intended to help CS professionals explore promising and cutting edge job options, it is important to note that several of our experts warned against depending too heavily on trends when charting out your CS education and career path. The future is unknown, and that is particularly true when it comes to the rapidly morphing digital world. Therefore, while our experts speculate that the following areas will be in-demand in the future, they also emphasize the importance of a strong educational foundation in computer science fundamentals, especially at the undergraduate level. A host of websites publish college rankings that can help students find both quality and affordable computer science degrees in their area of interest.

Below is a sample of delisted positions that have been posted on UofT s Career Learning Network (CLN). To access current listings, login to CLN and click on Jobs.

Some schools offer an applied associate of science degree (AAS) program. These programs claim to prepare students for careers in computer science but according to many sources, there are fewer jobs for those with an associate degree than there are for those who have a bachelor s degree. Salaries are also significantly lower.

Seven of the top ten jobs held by graduates are related to computer sciences and include web design and IT operations technician.

In addition, systems analysts need the curiosity and thirst for continual learning in order to track trends in technology and research cutting edge systems.

Right now, at this very moment, you 8767 re reading this article on an electronic device, connected to the internet, none of which would be possible were it not for computer science. Now such an integral part of so many of modern daily life, from text messages to international trade, jobs in computer science-related fields are growing, innovative, and often well-paying. If you 8767 ve always felt comfortable around computers, enjoy using technology in all of its many forms (while finding flaws in and hoping to innovate the technological systems you already use), and have found yourself the unwitting technical support representative to those around you, you might just be a perfect fit for a career in a computer science-related field.

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