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I have worked in 7 projects for banking and this article is really helpful in briefing the testing in financial systems. It very simple and easily explained Really appreciate it :)

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In this stage QA Engineers derive Business Scenarios from the requirement documents (Functions Specs or Use Cases) Business Scenarios are derived in such a way that all Business Requirements are covered. Business Scenarios are high level scenarios without any detailed steps, further these Business Scenarios are reviewed by Business Analyst to ensure all of Business Requirements are met and its easier for BAs to review high level scenarios than reviewing low level detailed Test Cases.

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Structured, informative article. Could you let me know how to frame E7E test cases for modules related to core banking application & associated applications connected to it?

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Testing banking applications sounds more interesting and it 8767 s massive system. But i am still a greenhorn in testing so i would like to know that what is the difference between business scenario and use case?

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