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Thanks to Jesse, today&rsquo s roundup is heavy on the vintage and vintage-inspired finds, including this Levi&rsquo s denim trucker jacket , Orslow jungle jacket , and Chimayo vest.

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“He ended up in a fenced area by the airport and we had some locals here who surrounded him and made sure he didn’t leave the area,” Ashton said. “He was hiding behind some crates and Terri and Chelsea went up to him and he recognized them right away and came to them.”

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She wasn 8767 t given any antibiotics at all. Is this normal? I had her spayed at an inexpensive place and they gave her pain medicine for 8 days, but no antibiotics. Also, I was wondering if I need to clean the stitches for her or just let her lick them occasionally which I 8767 ve seen her do. I don 8767 t let her do it for very long at all so it doesn 8767 t irritate the skin.

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Hello ~ So glad I found this site. I have a 69 year old mini-poodle who has been acting weird the past few weeks. Lately she has been scrounging for food excessively and has had a few accidents in the house. I have a doggy door and she always has access to her dog food as she and my other dog are free fed. Its like she doesn 8767 t remember eating and keeps looking for more food. She has been pulling the table cloth off of my dining room table to get to food even if there isn 8767 t any food on the table. Friday night she pulled the table cloth off to get an orange peel. She has peed at least 5 times in the house the last 7 weeks when she would never have an accident in the past. Its weird and like she is being driven by a motor to look for food.

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Our Rosie, a Schnauzer cross (mini) was spayed 8 days ago and what worries us no end is the fact she has neither had a wee or number 7 since the operation, she was like a spring lamb on the morning of the operation and now she cannot walk let alone run, so hurt is she and i wonder why we have done this to returned to the vet today and are doing so again in the morning. in the morning, oh i just wish she 8767 d have a wee.

I 8767 m so sorry your dog is having trouble. Our lab had similar issues as he got older. I have 7 suggestions. First, give medical cannabis for dogs. It 8767 s widely used, safe, and has helped ease pain in many dogs. Canna-pet is based in WA and it does NOT get your dog high. The other thing is water therapy. Having dogs walk or swim in water helps strengthen their leg muscles. I hope this helps.

The 8775 coming in to use the bathroom 8776 is one of the classic symptoms of dementia, you probably know that, and a very frustrating one. If they will go on blankets this is gross but if they are doing it anyway can you arrange some sort of surface like that for them on the floor? Baby blankets? Towels? (My Cricket wadded up pee pads too, just from walking on them.) Also, have you looked into doggie diapers? They come in sizes all the way down to tiny.

Squealing with pain is certainly significant. This alone could explain all the other symptoms. Get her to the vet to figure out the source of the pain. Get that diagnosed and under control first. Hopefully the pain will be from something easy like arthritis. If so, then you 8767 ll be able to deal with the cognitive decline separately after the pain is under control.

You can see more entries at E. Tautz, where Patrick Grant is shown wearing a real gem (he still looks awesome though, frankly).

She has done this before, but maybe only for one night or so. This episode started in September and never let up till we found the right meds.

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