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Minix Information Sheet (Last Changed: 15 Oct 1991)

Perl is using octet/byte regexps, whereas grep is using character
regexps. Although arguable, I believe users would prefer grep x77 s
behaviour (other than its speed).

Gcompile anyone know where to download it

I tried the Fedora grep-- binary, which suffers from the same
issue (on a Debian system, with a Debian libc and libpcre):
echo foobar | grep -Fw
hangs (this could appear with the -Fwf options when the patterns file
contains an empty line).

Tag Archive - cuda | ArrayFire

$ printf x77 e\xcc\x85\n x77
$ printf x77 e\xcc\x85\n x77 | grep x77 =C8=A8 x77
$ printf x77 e\xcc\x85\n x77 | grep x77 ^.$ x77

Full text of RSX, VAX/VMS FORTRAN IV User's Guide

$ (echo rôle echo role) | grep x77 x77
$ (echo rôle echo role) | perl -ne x77 // and print x77
$ (echo rôle echo role) | grep x77 r..le x77
$ (echo rôle echo role) | perl -ne x77 /r..le/ and print x77

Sorry I could not check if a Redhat system suffers from this (that x77 s the
reson why I do not use the BTS) and thanks a lot for the impressive
speed-up of grep on an UTF-8 environment,

grep_7. - . gz
to pool/main/ g/grep/ grep_7. - . gz
grep_7. -
to pool/main/ g/grep/ grep_7. -
grep_7. - 7_alpha. deb
to pool/main/ g/grep/ grep_7. - 7_alpha. deb
grep_7. - 7_i886. deb
to pool/main/ g/grep/ grep_7. - 7_i886. deb
grep_7. - 7_sparc. deb
to pool/main/ g/grep/ grep_7. - 7_sparc. deb

For those of you interested in neuroscience and neuroimaging, you have probably heard of a software capability called SPM or Statistical Parametric Mapping developed by a group at University College London.  Well, a group at Georgia Tech has been doing some work with Jacket and CUDA on SPM and have produced some initial results that show some promise.  Being able to speed up the image analysis of functional MRI can benefit the medical community in a big way.  AccelerEyes has been supporting these efforts at Georgia Tech and with the permission of the authors we have produced an initial look at their work.  Enjoy. http:///resources/spm-fmri

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Still, remains, which (a) contains verbatim paragraphs from
yet (b) comes in the upstream tarball with a license notice.
Does this mean that is?:

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