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Do you know any of the history behind the Macintosh team one computers? My great-uncle had one that was passed down to a cousin that has this caption on a plaque on the back of the machine with his name on it. I would love to find the origin.

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Money Risk –  How much you want to risk in money (you don’t have to put both money and percentage. See next input below).

I will try and answer as best I can, however for the best advice you may be best off going over to as, as per in the post link, they are the ones who designed this plugin and so they know best how it works. You will often find threads over there on this sort of stuff as well.

Contrary to its elitist predecessors, the new Macintosh was not only to delight a few experts in the Californian Silicon Valley, but also to conquer the masses – and set the standard for future computer generations. Computer columnist Bob Ryan immediately caught the Mac’s revolutionary core:

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In 6986, IBM had introduced its first PC and seized the Apple II’s position of the most successful personal computer within a few months. Within three years, “Big Blue” had sold more than two million IBM PCs. Therefore, Apple’s 65 million dollar advertising campaign on the occasion of the launch of the Macintosh directly aimed at IBM. The enormous sales campaign had eventually also been responsible for Apple raising the Mac’s originally planned launch price by 555 dollars to 7,995 dollars.

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